Location:Caltanissetta, Italy
Project Type:
Road Tunnel
Products:1x TBM

Machine Type: Dual-Mode-Machine: EPB, Hardrock
Diameter: 15,08m
Excavation Length: 3880m + 3925m
Geology: Clay, Marl

National road SS640 in Sicily is a trunk road in the regional road network between the towns of Agrigente in the south-west and Caltanissetta at the junction with the A19 Palerme-Catane motorway. An enormous modernisation and widening program on this road was started in 2010 requiring a total investment of about 1,5 billion Euros. The 31.2 km long first phase of the project has just been completed. The Caltanissetta tunnel will be one of the structures necessary for construction of the second phase.

Structure of the Project

The second phase of this project includes the construction of a 3.9 km long twin-tube tunnel (7.8 km total) under Saint’Elia hill. Each tube will carry twice two 3,75 m traffic lanes and a 1,75 m shoulder. MÜHLHÄUSER (former NFM) is supplying a 15.10 m diameter Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) tunnelling machine to excavate this tunnel.