Emscher Tunnel

Location:near Dortmund, Germany
Project Type:
Customer:Wayss und Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
Products:10x floor shaft car 13,5m³
2x floor shaft car 6m³
1x tilting device with balancier

1x undercarrier for floor shaft box
4x asymmetrical floor shaft box 6,65m³

1x balancier for floor shaft car

3x floor shaft box 9m³
2x counterweight a 400kg
2x conversion kit for floor shaft undercarrier
1x spezial balancier

The Emscher sewage canal (AKE), also known as the Emscherkanal, is the central construction project for the conversion of the Emscher system from open to closed sewage disposal as part of the renaturation measures of the Emscher. It is a parallel to the river Emscher emerging underground sewer in the Ruhr area. The 51 km long canal begins north of the Dortmund-Deusen sewage treatment plant in Dortmund and terminates at the Emscher estuary in Dinslaken. It absorbs the waste water previously discharged directly through the river.