Guadalquivir Road Tunnel

Location:Seville, Spain
Project Type:
Road Tunnel
Products:2x TBM’s

Machine Type:EPB Shield
Diameter: 14m
Excavation Length: 2 x 3,800 m m
Geology: sand, gravels, marls

The construction of the new ring road SE-40 around Seville, in Spain, aims to reduce traffic on the existing ring road in order to provide better infrastructure for the whole metropolitan area and its 1.43 million inhabitants, and to optimise the regional and national road network. This long road around the city will give access to the main highways of the country, the main local roads and will serve all the towns within a radius of 15 km.

This ambitious project – for which almost 450 million Euros will be supplied by the SEITT – is in line with the country’s infrastructure development plan, backed by the European Community.

Structure of the Project

This new 78 km long road around the city will require a 2,180 m long tunnel to be built under the Guadalquivir river. MÜHLHÄUSER (former NFM) will provide two 14m diameter earth pressure balance (EPB) tunnel boring machines as part of the tunnel construction.

The TBMs will each dig two 1,900 m long tubes under the Guadalquivir river, in terrain principally composed of sand, gravel and marl. To satisfy these geological conditions, the machines will be designed to withstand a pressure of 5 bars and make hyperbaric interventions easier. They will comprise 4 independent injection systems – Bentonite, limestone load, foam and polymer – in order to ensure better control of earth pressure under the river.

Manufacture of the TBMs will be carried out at MÜHLHÄUSER’s Le Creusot plants in France.