Guangzhou Metro Line 3

Location:Guangzhou, China
Project Type:
Customer:(MOR) Chinese Ministry of Railway, 14th Bureau
Products:2x TBM’s

Machine Type: EPB Shield
Diameter: 6.28m
Excavation Length: 2 x 1,928 m
Geology: soft sand, sandy clay, chalk, silt, weathered rock

Guangzhou, third largest city in China with 7 million inhabitants and which benefits economically of the proximity of Hong-Kong and of the Special economical area of Shenzhen, decided to enlarge is metro with creating a new line (the 3rd one). The work has begun in 2002 for a public opening of this new line in 2007.

Structure of the Project

The 3rd line will be of 34.7 km in tunnel with 17 stations. The 2 MÜHLHÄUSER (former NFM) / Wirth machines will drive 2 parallel tunnels of 1928 m in length. This part of the line will connect Hanxi and Shiqiao stations. Geology mainly consists of soft sands, sandy clay, chalk, silk as well as weathered rock.