Hong Kong West Drainage

Location:Hong Kong, China
Project Type:
Drainage Tunnel
Customer:Dragages – Nishimatsu Joint Venture
Products:11x KBM 11

22x bottom discharger 6m³
20x undercarrier for bottom discharger
2x discharging device
1x balancier

6x flat car 8,5m
26x segment car
6x flat car 12m
6x flat car 6m
2x cable drum car
2x crane car HIAB 260 AW
1x Boom & Basket

The Drainage Services Department commissioned a “Drainage Master Plan Studies” from 1996 to minimize the impacts of flooding on daily lives of the public as well as the economy.
Since completion of the Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel Project in 2012, the new drainage tunnel intercepts stormwater from mid-levels, thus relieving the discharge load of the existing downstream drainage systems.