Lee Tunnel

Location:London, England
Project Type:
Water Tunnel
Customer:MVB JV (Morgan Est/Vinci/Bachy)
Products:1x passenger car 18+1 men
12x KBM12

1x passenger car 14 men
1x segment tippler

13x segment car 4,5m
5x mortar car 14,5/15,5m³
4x flat car 10m
4x passenger car 18+1 men
1x cable drum car
1x Boom & Basket car
1x crane car

The Lee Tunnel in East London, also known as the East Ham to Stratford deep tunnel, is a tunnel for storage and conveyance of sewage mixed with rainwater.
This 6.9 km long tunnel with 7.2 m diameter is running from 75 m depth at Abbey Mills down to 80 m depth at its terminus at Jenkins Lane, East Ham, covers 16,000,000 m3 (16 million t) of sewage annually from the single largest polluting CSO in London.