Liantang (RPC)/Heug Yuen Wai (HK) Boundary Control Point

Location:Lian Tang, Hong Kong
Project Type:
Customer:Dragages Hong-Kong
Products:1x TBM

Machine Type: EPB Shield
Diameter: 14,1m
Excavation Length: 2,739 m + 2,389 m
Geology: volcanic tuff

To support future economic growth, the Hong Kong government has elected to build a new cross-border transport link. This new highway will cross the whole territory to link the Shenzhen East corridor in the North and the eastern part of Guangdong province. The dual carriageway will re-distribute cross-boundary goods and passenger vehicle traffic. The route includes a 4.8 km double-tube tunnel linking the interchanges on Sha Tau Kok Road and Fanling Highway.

Structure of the Project

The Lung Shan tunnel will traverse zones prone to seismic faults and encounter a variety of geological conditions along the route. The first section will be excavated conventionally but an earth pressure balance TBM is required to complete the rest. The “Princess Xianlong” machine will bore the first tube southwards and will turn around in the cavity in order to excavate the second tube in the opposite direction.