Los Condores Chile

Project Type:
Hydroelectric Power Plant
Products:24x segment car 10t
12x mortar car 3,5/4m³
6x flat car 7m
2x passenger car 16 men

1x mobil california switch
1x 3 way switch

1x mobil batching plant
1x cement box 40m³
1x silo 60m³
1x pump 25m³/h

2x y-switch S38kg/m
2x right switch S38kg/m
2x left switch S38kg/m
1x left switch 45° S38kg/m

1x california switch

12x segment car
6x flat car 6,5m
6x passenger car 16 men

900x rail material

1x x-switch S38kg/m
1x right switch S38kg/m
2x left switch S38kg/m

34x rail material

The intake tunnel is excavated in two parts.

The first is a 6 km and the second a 4.4 km drive.

A drill and blast section will connect the two drives, making a total length of 12km.

The tunnel is located some 360km south of Santiago de Chile in the mountainous Maule Region.