Location:Lyon, France
Turin, Italy
Project Type:
Railway Tunnel
Customer:Spie batignolles TPCI (representative), Eiffage Génie Civil, Ghella, CMC di Ravenna, Cogeis, Sotrabas,
Products:1x TBM

Machine Type: Hardrock
Diameter: 11,21m
Excavation Length: 8737m
Geology: sandstone dominant shale, black shale, sandstone, conglomerates and carbonate layers

The new Lyon-Turin rail link is a priority project for the European Union. It will link Northern Europe with Southern Europe and East with West, boosting the transport of both people and goods. The project is divided into three sections: French, Italian and crossborder. The latter section includes the new 57 km French-Italian tunnel.

Structure of the Project

The Saint-Martin-La-Porte access tunnel is the first structure on the West side. It descends to the level of the future base tunnel, 80 m underground. At the foot of the access tunnel, the work primarily consists in excavating towards Italy a 9 km exploratory tunnel with a TBM. This gallery will be bored along the axis and to the full diameter of the future South tube tunnel. It will link the SaintMartin-La-Porte access tunnel to that of La Praz. It will be an integral part of the cross-border section.