Location:Riachuelo, Argentinien
Project Type:
Customer:Salini Impregilio
Products:3x passenger car 14 men
13x floor shaft car 5,8/6m³
3x mortar car 3,2/4m³
3x flat car 6,5m
3x double segment car unbraked
1x tilting device and balancier for floor shaft car

1x mobile california switch
3x straight rail piece
1x curved rail piece
1x asymmetrical switch

2x mobile california switch

3x passenger car 16 men
3x flat car 25t
3x mortar car 6m³
6x segment car 10t

The tunnel will flush waste water into the River Plate that will be pre-treated by a plant being built nearby, by means of a deep sub-river outlet about 12 km in length, with the promise of helping improve the quality of life along the banks of the river.​

The outlet comprises the following structures: a load shaft about 50 meters deepand a tunnel 10.5 km long with an internal diameter of 3.8 m, excavated by a double shield TBM.