Location:Semmering, Austria
Project Type:
Railway Tunnel
Customer:Implenia /Swietelsky Tunnelbau
Products:2x TBM

Machine Type: Hardrock
Diameter: 10.14m
Excavation Length: 8130m + 8285
Geology: Wechsel gneiss and Wechsel shale

The Semmering base tunnel is one of the biggest infrastructure projects at the heart of continental Europe. It is a key development of the Austrian Southern Railway, a major railway which will connect the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea.
The 27.3km-long tunnel located at the base of the mountains will connect Lower Austria and Styria.

Structure of the Project

The tunnel, which is divided in 3 lots, will connect Mürzzuschlag to Glöggnitz. The Fröschnitzgraben tunnel (lot 2.1) will be excavated through drilling and blasting over 4.3 kms while TBMs will excavate the remaining 8.3 kms.
MÜHLHÄUSER (former NFM) will supply two 10.14 m diameter hard-rock TBMs, which will excavate the 2 tubes of the section.