Thompson Line Singapore

Project Type:
Customer:T208: Leighton Contractors Asia / John Holland JV
T216: DAEWOO Engineering & Construction CompanyLtd
T222: DAELIM Industrial CompanyLtd
Products:9x TBM’s

Machine Type:7xSlurry, 2xEPB Shield
Diameter: 6.66m / 6.7m
Excavation Length:
T208: 2×1,070m + 2×1,130m
T216: 1430m + 1450m + 310m + 300m + 2x1190m
T222: 2 x 321 m + 2 x 810 m
T208: Bukit Timah Granit
T216: Bukit Timah granite, alluvial member
T222: alluvial member, Queenstown facies

The 30-km long Thomson Line will enhance rail connectivity in the north-south corridors to the Central Business District (CBD) and developments in the Marina Bay area. Fully underground, Thomson Line comprises 22 stations, including six interchange stations providing greater accessibility and significantly improve travel time for commuters.

MÜHLHÄUSER (former NFM) delivered machines to three different lots: T208, T216, T222.

Structure of the Project

The T208 lot involves the construction and completion of Springleaf Station at Upper Thomson road and associated tunnels: twin bored tunnels totaling 4.4 km and a cut & cover tunnel. Tunnel excavation is carried out by three slurry type tunnel boring machines (TBM) provided by MÜHLHÄUSER (former NFM). TBM’s A & C start at the launch shaft 4 for a first 1 120 m drive until Lentor station. TBM C is then dismantled and rerouted to shaft 2 for a second drive in parallel to TBM B. Both have to excavate 1 080 m at 25 m deep until Springleaf station before being dismantled in the tunnel.

The T216 lot involves the construction and completion of the Stevens Station and its associated tunnels. The tunnel excavationis carried out by 4slurry type TBMs.

The T222 lot involves the construction and completion of the 1.42 km section, including the underground station and a 1.2 km tunnel. The construction is expected to last 79 months and should be completed in December 2020. The tunnel excavation is carried out by 2 Earth Pressure Balance type Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) provided by MÜHLHÄUSER (former NFM). Both TBMs start from Shaft 1 and proceed to Maxwell Station where both shields are dismantled inside the tunnel and brought back to Shaft2. The TBMs are then moved to Shaft 2 and re-equipped with a new sacrificial skin. Finally they proceed to Havelock Station, where they are dismantled.