St. Gotthard Tunnel

Project Type:
Customer:Consorzio TAT:
Implenia, Alpine, CSC, Hochtief, Impregilo
Products:1x Boom & Basket

1x crane car

2x KBM12
4x control car
2x flat car for concrete pump

39x rotary dump car 25m³
7x KBM12
7x flat car 12m
3x flat car 6m
6x passenger car 18+1 men
1x passenger cabine 5+1 men

The Gotthard Base Tunnel (French Saint-Gothard Tunnel, Italian San Gottardo Galleria, Romansh Tunnel Son Gambard) is a 57 km long rail tunnel – the longest tunnel in the world. It crosses the Central Swiss Alps in a north-south direction and passes under the Gotthard massif. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is part of the traffic concept New Railway Alp Transversal – NEAT  which covers all of Switzerland. At a height of 312 to 549 m above sea level the tunnel connects the German-speaking canton of Uri (north portal at Erstfeld, 460 m above sea level with the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino (south portal at Bodio TI, 312 m above sea level) more directly than the older Gotthardbahn (1882, crest tunnel: 1151 m above sea level). It consists of two 57 km parallel tubes which have world’s highest rock coverage (about below the Piz Vatgira) with the up to 2450 m rising layers.