Location:London, United Kingdoms
Project Type:
Customer:FLO JV – Ferrovial Agroman Ltd and Laing O’ Rourke Construction Ltd
Products:2x TBM’s

Machine Type: EPB
Diameter: 8,84m
Excavation Length: 4995m + 7680m
Geology: London clay, Lambeth group, Thanetsand, white chalk

Up to this day London still relies on the Victorian sewers built over 150 years ago and while they are a remarkable feed of engineering that is still in fantastic conditions, they simple cannot keep up with the cities ever larger population. So every time it rains they flood and millions of tons of sewage end up directly in the Thames. To take care of this problem and make the Thames available to the citizens of London once again, the sewage systems had to be upgraded.

The solution consists of a 25km interception, storage and transfer tunnel running up to 66m below the river, prohibiting the escape of sewage into the Thames. MÜHLHÄUSER is delivering two TBM’s to drill part of this tunnel.

Structure of the Project

There are 3 main drive sites where the machines are lowered into the ground and driven below the bed river to construct the tunnel from the east, west and central locations. MÜHLHÄUSER is in charge of the central part.
MÜHLHÄUSER provided 2 TBMs in order to excavate 12 675 m in total. Both TBMs are launched from Kirtling Street: one bores towards Carnwath and the other towards Chambers Wharf.